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CORE Values Finder


Values Finder Exercise Sheet

Print out both documents. Each of the 425 words represents a value.
Find a quiet place to complete this exercise and allow at least 30-45 minutes.
Take a blue pen and start to tick a word the resonates a response within you. On average people tick around 30 words.
Do this for all pages. Next take a red pen and go back over the words to narrow down your choices.

Then with a highlighter pen, choose your top 16 words or CORE values. This can be difficult! Keep going and keep focussed. For example if you had to choose between A or B would what it be? What is most important to you?

Then transfer your top 16 values onto the ranking sheet. You now begin to “knock” one out each time, almost like a football competition. Which values wins? Ask yourself again, which one trumps the other?

Take your time, as it is not a simple process, but it must be done for each level. You will get a list of 8, then a list of 4.
These are your top 4 CORE values. Now rank them in order from 1 to 4. Which is the most reflective of your inner self?

Have fun and let it flow!