Are you an emerging executive seeking greater self-awareness?

Do you want to be an intelligent leader?

Do you want bring positive change to your organisation?

Investing in leadership development is a critical success factor of a high performing organisation.  Make a purposeful effort to develop your skills to perform better, lift productivity and have a more engaged workforce.

Julie works with a limited number of Executives and Managers each year.  The Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching process features between 20 to 40 hours working directly with Julie. As a respected and trusted coach, Julie confidentially engages with individuals who will experience an in-depth coaching journey – one that awakens leadership awareness and potential and sets the blueprint for our generations next leaders.

Julie is a certified IL Coach and uses John Mattone’s proprietary “inner-core” assessments that are complemented by stakeholder interviews and custom 360 feedback to gain insight into their “outer-core” effectiveness. As part of this process, Julie will debrief the leader’s custom assessments and help implement a leadership and personal development plan focused on leveraging their gifts and strengths and addressing their development needs.

These professional coaching programs are designed for corporate sponsorship and target aspiring executives aged between 30-40, wanting to make a transition into a better leader and become a better person. Contact me for more information and pricing structures.