Coaching is about changing your future. Life and Career coaching are intertwined and each work together so you can achieve your desires, goals and dreams. Coaching is a commitment by you and will take you on an amazing journey down a new and exciting path!

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Coaching is not counseling, let me say that upfront. I am a career and life coach and if you choose me as your coach, I can offer exclusive one-on-one confidential sessions. Coaching is about changing your future path and leaving the past behind.

I will ask you questions that will uncover issues, misbeliefs, dreams, passions and goals. I will be here to guide and support you as an individual to achieve success.

In a coaching session you set your own goals because you are the master of your own destiny and you have all the answers!

Coaching sessions generally take 45 minutes to 1 hour. Often they are conducted on a weekly basis for the first two or three sessions. It is most beneficial to have coaching sessions once a fortnight for at least 2 months.
You will gain motivation and increase your self confidence. You will achieve goals much quicker, gain clarity and perspective. You will learn what drains you, what fuels you and what do you want to achieve in life.

Coaching also assists in the areas of performance improvement, personality identification and career development or promotion.

Generally coaching is not successful in a one-off hour session. You will make huge progress from our first session; however the real benefits will come towards the end when we plan an action plan and work towards achieving success. Booking sessions in advance demonstrates your commitment to change and to work towards achieving your goals.

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