Sincere thanks for your coaching around my latest career move. Whilst I was aware it was time for a career change, it was a hard process to contemplate after many years in the “career wilderness”. Professional assistance was going to be required to make it happen. It’s fair to acknowledge I had some concern over finding just the right coach– someone who would understand me and my unique background, and then be able to direct me, meaningfully, to a transition. From our first conversation it was clear the fit with Julie was a good one. We had good rapport from the start, and every step of the process made sense and added worth. Your gentle and professional guidance put me in exactly the right position. Equipped with a great sense of positivity, I look forward to my new role!
Kellie, Brisbane, QLD
Hiring Julie as my coach was money well spent on a high quality product. She guided and encouraged me with positive and uplifting energy, valuable insights and a high level of professionalism in a warm, friendly manner. Julie gave me tools to navigate a professionally and personally uncertain period of transition in my life, helping me to move from confusion towards greater clarity, insecurity to confidence in my ability to handle life’s challenges and always have hope. I now feel as though I’m moving towards an increasingly more rewarding life.
Andy, Camp Hill, QLD
Julie is a great communicator and a consummate professional. Julie has a wonderful ability to elicit values, strengths and goals then use these to guide every session, drive the job search process, and develop a greater sense of direction and purpose. I began the coaching journey with Julie unable to get the interview stage, unaware and unconfident of selling myself to prospective employers. Now, at the end of my short journey with Julie, I’ve had three interviews that went very well and feel very confident that the offers will start rolling in. Thanks Julie!
Adam L, Brisbane
I didn’t know much about life and career coaching before starting with Julie so I went into the process a little unsure and curious. I can safely say that after going through 7sessions over the past 2 months, I am very glad I did. Julie is a very cheerful and dedicated coach, when I came to her about career coaching, she helped me better understand my goals, motivation and career values, more importantly, she helped me to identify my personality type in an incredible accurate way, and I was able to map it out with my life purpose and career value. Julie will do what it takes to make sure that I am successful in understanding my goals and by following a highly detailed action plan to execute them.
N.R Brisbane, QLD
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